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Activate Your Soil And, CRUSH IT!

Why We Don’t Just Amend

Soil amending is what built our business, so needless to say, we take it very seriously. Catering to growers in Humboldt County and beyond, we built our following and loyalty by sourcing the very best inputs available for our amendments, buying them in huge quantities to keep the price low to the end user, and creating Bulk Amendment Packages based on Soil Sample Analysis feedback.

It’s one thing to add nutrition back into your soil between grow cycles. It’s another thing to make it as readily available as possible for your plants to uptake. Thats why we have developed a Soil Activation Protocol to go along with our amendments.

First Step, Amend Your Soil

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When using any of our global amendments, Foundational Formula, Double Depper, Mothership Mix. or a Custom Bulk Amendment Blend, they should be tilled into soil volume based on the suggested application rates. We recommend also using Potent Grow, an amendment of pelletized free-range chicken manure to support slow release nitrogen in the soil. Potent Grow should be tilled into your soil at the same time as the global amendments that are being used.

If you’re purchasing in bulk totes, your application rate for global amendment and Potent Grow will be found on your tote label—this document is zip-locked onto your amendment tote or taped to bags. If you are purchasing bagged amendment, the application rate will be on the bag label. Any left over amendments should be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Once you have amended, water the soil well with the following Soil Activation Package. We recommend amending at least one to two weeks prior to transplanting, as soil may become thermophilic.

Second Step, Activate Your Living Soil

The biology in the Soil Activation Package will homogenize and increase the bioavailability of the nutrition within the soil to encourage nutrient cycling to occur. The soil will turn thermophilic – it will get warm. Do not plant until the soil has cooled to the touch, usually within 2-5 days. To cool the soil further, till or turn the soil again to introduce oxygen and calm microbial populations. A light watering during the second till may be needed.

  • Living Soil Activation Inputs
    • Tainio Biogenesis0.5 grams per gallon – Biogenesis Non-Polymer, biological plant enzymes/root dip/soil/seed transplant inoculant. Biogenesis Non-Polymer contains beneficial microorganisms and humectants (preserves moisture). It helps establish beneficial microbial populations needed for balanced soil biology, improving soil health, making essential nutrients available to plants and promoting plant growth.
    • Pacific Gro Oceanic Hydrolysate10 mL per gallon – Pacific Gro is a highly bio-active liquid fertilizer derived from fish, micronized shrimp and crab caught in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Washington and Oregon. This product is produced by cold-process enzymatic digestion – no fish oil removed, no heat applied, no enzymes added. It provides plant-available calcium, fish oil, marine nutrients and enzymes. Stimulating soil microbiology, especially beneficial fungi.
    • Rhizoscape Rhizothrive BioStimulant5 mL per gallon – Rhizoscape Rhizothrive is a soil bio-stimulant, formulated from stable humic substances, complex carbohydrates and seawater minerals. These components help support microbial populations and allow plants to thrive.
    • Southern Organics Liquid Yucca2 mL per gallon – Liquid Yucca is an excellent source of natural plant sugars, as well as plant soaps (saponins). The saponins in Liquid Yucca actually make water wetter, breaking the polarity of the water molecule, and the plant sugars provide usable energy to plants and microbes. Also a great additive for any regular foliar applications like Phylloscape Foliar Fertilizer.
    • Pepzyme Clear 1 mL per gallon – Pepzyme Clear™ is a high quality, stable liquid enzyme biostimulator. Pepzyme Clear™ stimulates the metabolism of plant growth, promoting microorganisms to break down organic matter and make soil nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium, iron, and more, available to plants in the forms they can absorb.
  • Application Rate
    • 10 gallons of solution per 1 yard of soil media
    • We recommend applying 5-7 days prior to transplant date
    • This should be applied to soil that is already lightly saturated – if soil is dry and hydrophobic, we suggest an application of water only before applying

That’s All, Now Time To Transplant

Now that you’ve supercharged your amendment, it’s time to get plants in there and begin seeing the results of our quality inputs, meeting your hard work. Follow our Transplant Protocol to reduce transplant shock for your cannabis plants and crush it right out of the gate.

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