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Bene-Grow 3-3-3

We also offer 55 gal drums. To place an order, please contact us at or call the shop directly at (707)-273-8758. Our team will be happy to assist you with your purchase and answer any questions you may have.    Description:  Bene-Grow provides top-quality nutrients essential for vigorous vegetative development and growth. It includes key elements that support a healthy nitrogen cycle, cellular division, and rapid growth. User-friendly with minimal mixing and no sediment, Bene-Grow distinguishes itself from other natural fertilizers on the market. Application Rate:
  • Seedlings/Cuttings:   1 mL / gal
  • Veg Week 1:   3-5 mL / gal
  • Veg Week 2:  5-10 mL / gal
  • Flower Week 1:   3-5 mL / gal
  • Flower Week 3:   3-5 mL / gal
Click Here -> Beneficial Biologics Feed Chart for application rates