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Dirt M.D.™

The major components are humic (4.5% by volume) and fulvic acids (2.3% by volume). Both of these organic compounds have a large concentration of binding sites that allow them to act like sponges, and bind them to root zones. This feature allows nutrient ions to not leech away but be present to allow plants to uptake them, improving their use efficacy. This in turn helps reduce application rates needed for fertilizers because since nutrient uptake is made more efficient. Dirt M.D. is produced from the best freshwater based humate sources. Application Rate
  • As a foliar fertilizer mix 2.5 mL of Dirt M.D.™ per 1 gallon of water, depending on frequency of foliar
  • As a soil drench mix 2.5- 5 mL Dirt M.D.™ per 1 gallon of water.
Pro Tip
  • Dirt M.D. is part of our Soilscape Solutions Feed Chart. You can find specific suggested application rates, based on rigorous field testing, to get the most out of our products.
Shipping NOTE for 30 gal drums:  Shipping quote and delivery coordination will be made and issued within 1-2 business days from purchase date. Please contact us at or (707)-273-8758 for immediate needs. Freight charges will apply unless being picked up locally.

Mikro MD

MIKRO M.D. QUART - Each bottle makes 2000 gallons!
  • Provides bio-available silicon as mono-silicic acid
  • Fights against biotic stresses
    • Fungal – Powdery mildew, mold, etc.
    • Insects -Thrips, mites etc.
  • Shields against abiotic stresses
    • Drought
    • Saline conditions
    • Extreme temperatures
  • Supplies essential micronutrients – Zinc (Zn), Boron (B), Molybdenum
  • Root Feeding
    • 0.5 mL per gallon
    • Apply weekly
  • Foliar Feeding
    • 2.5 mL per gallon
    • Apply weekly
    • Dilute and spray with lights off
  • General Instructions
    • Always add first to clean water
    • Will foam, reduce agitation till completely mixed
    • Dilute right before use, DO NOT PRE-MIX
  • READ bottle for differing application rates for different sizes