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A Fertilizer Program That CRUSHES IT!

How Soilscape Solutions Achieves Peak Plant Performance

We’ve been in this business for over 20 years. We understand. Feed charts can be a pain in the ass, especially when you have 10 different charts from 10 different manufacturers. Or even worse, all you have are the general application rates on the bottles.

Soilscape Solutions does something that no other cannabis nutrient manufacturer or cannabis cultivation input retailer does. We’ve distilled down our two decades of cannabis experience and knowledge into only top tier product offerings. Then, consolidated them into a comprehensive feed program of all the products we recommend as part of our cultivation SOP’s in one easy to digest chart.

No more searching multiple vendors websites for application rates or feed charts. No more asking yourself, “how can I make this information clean and clear for my employees”? No more wondering, “are there more effective or cost efficient products available”?

We’ve eliminated all of those pain points for you.

We also highly encourage the use of our Phylloscape Foliar Fertilizer in addition to any of the programs listed below.

You can download and save the Feed Chart by clicking the image above.

Understanding Soilscape Solutions Feed Chart

We’ll walk you through how we designed this feed chart for easy of use for our end users.

  • Product Tiers – Each progressive tier incorporates previous ones, for example, if one is to use Professional Tier they will also use all products in Advanced Tier and Core Tier. Products of course can be mixed and matched between any tier.
    • Core – We understand it’s not always easy to switch gears on inputs as a cannabis cultivator. There’s always a lot a stake. Sometimes it’s easiest to slowly transition rather than jump all at once. This is what the Core Tier represents. It can be added to an already existing cultivation program without typically having to cut out any other inputs. Once you see the positive results we know these products deliver, clients continue to integrate our offerings further, moving into Advanced Tier.
    • Advanced – This program is for those who are not tied to one cultivation style or group of inputs and want to fully adopt Soilscape Solutions SOP”s into their cultivation program. This tier program is designed to not need any other inputs from outside this prescribed system.
    • Professional – Created to serve those that truly look to excel above and beyond the rest of the pack. For the commercial cultivator, the initial costs, yield exponential gains when it comes time to sell final product. This is for those who understand that quality in, is quality out – that a dollar in is a hundred out. For craft or hobbyist cultivators, this tier represents your commitment to the craft. Those who want to provide themselves and those around them the bragging rights, the experience, the taste, the smell, the pleasure, of having not only the best homegrown, but some of the best cannabis that can be grown.
  • Catagories – We have separated our inputs into three main categories. We recommend a hybrid approach when cultivating cannabis.
    • Organic Nutrition – By using organic inputs as the core of your cultivation, we see outstanding results associated with such, giving growers outstanding smelling and tasting cannabis. Cultivators looking to remain 100% organic will still see outstanding results using only products in Organic Nutrition and Biological Inoculants. We strongly recommend using our Advanced Tier if doing so. This introduces the BioBizz Product Line which is the absolute top of the line when it comes to organic liquid fertilizers.
    • Conventional Fertilizers – With either small additions of conventional fertilizers to our organic program or blasting only salts, we see huge returns in overall yields. It’s a common misconception that salts kill soil biology. Yes, slamming a garden with excessive salts can damage soil biology but small amounts have minimal impact. The foundation of the Core Tier is a three-part fertilizer of BASE/VEG/BLOOM called NPKali which we make in house. It has consistently outperformed Athena and Front Row Ag.
    • Biological Inoculants – In order to keep soil biology active and plant nutrient cycling high we recommend the introduction of micro-organism inoculations throughout the plant growth cycle. We have specifically designed a program around introducing the correct bacteria at the most opportune times. These bacteria quickly and efficiently help make plant available nutrients and increase the plants ability to cycle them. This results in increased plant vigor, lower input costs due to high plant nutrient uptake efficiency, and lower past/pathogen pressure from having a healthy plant and soil ecosystem.
  • Chart Legend
    • Amend – We strongly suggest that soil is amended between each grow cycle. To achieve peak performance we recommend following our Soil Activation Protocol when amending.

So whether you’re looking to simply add to an existing fertilizer program, or take your cultivation over the top in terms of quality and quantity, we’ve designed a program for your cultivation demands. From fully organic, conventional, or a hybrid approach, we cover all cultivation styles.

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