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Unlocking Genetic Potential with Phylloscape

What Is Phylloscape?

Let’s start by stating, mineral rich plants are healthy plants.

Those minerals must be provided at the correct rates and at the correct time during the plants growth cycle. Creating the ideal balance and diversity of minerals, and their availability to our target crops, is what Phylloscape is specifically designed to achieve. Cultivating nutrient rich, pest/pathogen resistant, healthy and robust plants is the purpose behind this program.

As the science of agronomy has developed over the years, we have come to understand there are many specific essential elements needed for plant growth and development. The most efficient and effective approach is delivered through a foliar application.

That being said, this program is not stand alone, and must be used in conjunction with a standard feeding regimen either of organic, living soil, or conven-tional fertilizers. Phylloscape is designed to take plants to their peak performance after the other foundations have been properly laid.

This line of foliar Macro, Secondary, Micro and essential Rare Earth Elements has been formulated through years of rigorous research and development trials. We have specifically engineered the complete mineral foliar system to implement the use of these elements at the specific plant life stages for peak development. The result has been amazing growth rates for mother plant stock, clones, nursery stock, seedlings, teens and flowering plants.

The Phylloscape program has consistently rewarded its users with higher total cannabinoids, increased terpene production, and increased overall flower yields. It consistently produces the healthiest, highest yielding plants with the lowest rates of pest and pathogen pressures.

We are excited to share this product with you, and look forward to you experiencing the same results. Phylloscape Minerals can be used in any kind of cultivation space including indoor, greenhouse/mixed light, full-sun outdoor, or row crop field agriculture.

We recommend using Phylloscape in addition to any of the tiers in our Soilscape Solutions Feed Chart.

You can download and save the Feed Chart by clicking the image above.

How Phylloscape Unlocks Your Plants Full Genetic Potential

Phylloscape minerals are a new technology, a different mineral composition than conventional fertilizers. Historically, foliar fertilizers have been Sulfate compounds. Sulfate compounds, such as Zn Sulfate, Cu Sulfate, Co Sulfate, are composed of their respective “target” element. These elements are bound by Sulfur ions and Oxygen.

When sulfates are applied to plant foliage, the plants must use their own metabolic energy. In this case plants utilize Nitrogen and protein reserves in order to metabolize the fertilizer. The plant must work to unlock the sulfate compound to be soluble. They must break it apart in order to absorb the target mineral that is being applied.

Phylloscape minerals work on a different principle, with a different mode of action. Our elements are not bound by Sulfer ions. The formulations are composed of each specific mineral, in a form attached to fatty acids. These fatty acids alone are immediately available to plants as energy. This means that when Phylloscape minerals are applied to plants, they are immediately available. The plants do not have to utilize any Nitrogen or protein reserves to absorb and utilize the minerals being delivered.

Once applied to the foliage, the minerals are immedi-ately absorbed and are utilized to fuel higher levels of plant metabolic functions. When this balanced formula of chelated minerals is applied to crops via foliar application, crops are able to immediately turn the nutrition into energy. This drives vigorous growth and the development of strong, healthy crops, resulting in less pest and pathogen pressure and increased yields.

By receiving the correct minerals at the ideal rates in this program, plants are able to ascend the Plant Health Pyramid rapidly. As the crops mineral content increases, so does the plants ability to produce complete proteins, store surplus energy, and produce Plant Secondary Metabolites. This results in the crops increasing ability to naturally ward off pests and pathogens, such as leaf sucking pests, soil and airborn pathogens.

As advanced stages of crop health are attained, the production of Phytoalexins occurs. Phytoalexins are substances produced by plant tissues as a response to pest or pathogen attack, they are natural pest and pathogen deterrents. Fats, Lipids and Oils are used as a precursor to these Plant Secondary Metabolites. Phytoalexins are aromatic essential oil compounds, such as Terpenes, Phenolics, and Bioflavinoids. These compounds are natural PSM’s that contain pesticidal properties, as well asfungicidal properties, not to mention the increased desirability of aroma and taste added to the crop.

Phylloscape Package Sizes and Inputs

Phylloscape is available in three package sizes

  • Quart – Designed for cultivators up to 10,000 square feet of canopy
  • Gallon – Designed for cultivators up to and beyond 40,000 square feet of canopy
  • Starter Kit* (4 oz) – Designed for small scale cultivators less than 1,000 square feet of canopy or R&D for larger commercial facilties

Starter Kit is set to release late late-August; pre-sale available starting 4/20/2021*

Phylloscape Packages will include the following items

  • Albion Metalosate Calcium* – Metalosate® Calcium™ is an amino acid complex soluble powder, designed for foliar application on plants. Calcium is an immobile nutrient, it cannot be pulled from old tissue to be made available to parts of the plant that need it. Foliar applications of Calcium can help mitigate deficiencies, and provide this essential nutrient to plant tissue directly.
  • Albion Metalosate Multimineral* – Metalosate® Multimineral™ is an amino acid complex soluble powder, designed for foliar application on plants. Multimineral contains Nitrogen, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, and Zinc. Foliar applications of these micro and macro elements is critical if plants are experiencing deficiencies or drought stresses.
  • Soilscape Solutions Phylloscape Aloe Vera Powder – Concentrated 200x Phylloscape Aloe Vera Powder is one of the richest plant sources of saponins, amino acids, enzymes and contains a full array of 83 elements. Our aloe is produced using a proprietary process which reserves the full range of polysaccharides found in fresh leaf. Phylloscape Aloe Powder can be used as a direct dip for rooting clones, or as part of a foliar feeding program.
  • Soilscape Solutions Phylloscape Boron – Phylloscape Boron has essential role in the uptake and metabolism of Calcium and Silica. Boron is also critical in the nitrogen fixation process feeding essential cyanobacteria. Boron availability in soil is strongly influenced by soil moisture content and becomes limiting in arid conditions.
  • Soilscape Solutions Phylloscape Calcium – Phylloscape Calcium is the major building block of all plant cell structures and plays a major role in plant cell formation, structure, and strength, basic plant metabolic functions as well as pest and pathogen resistance. Foliar applications of Calcium can help mitigate deficiencies, and provide this essential nutrient to plant tissue directly.
  • Soilscape Solutions Phylloscape Copper – Phylloscape Copper is an essential plant element for its role as a catalyst in enzymatic redox reactions, protein chain formation and the intercellular transport of essential anions, which accompany the copper cation. Copper also acts as a natural fungicide by denaturing the enzymes and proteins that make up fungal hyphae and spores.
  • Soilscape Solutions Phylloscape Full-Humic Powder – Soilscape Solutions® Phylloscape Ful-Humic Powder is a water-soluble powder, organically derived from corn stalks. Its capacity to penetrate the plants stomata allows leaf tissue to accept nutrients rapidly in foliar applications. This low molecular weight humic acid binds to immobile and molecularly heavy minerals to transport them into plant tissues for faster growth and enhanced yields.
  • Soilscape Solutions Phylloscape Iron – Plants that exhibit Fe deficiencies will also have a limited ability to produce and complete enzymatic processes, including forming complete proteins. Fe deficiency stress is also associated with an enhanced production of organic acids, which can negatively impact a plants sap pH, rendering it overly acidic. Fe also acts as a metal component in redox reactions, or as a bridging element between an enzyme and a substrate, to create a complete protein. Fe is directly responsible for: protein synthesis, RNA synthesis, biosynthesis of chlorophyll and overall photosynthesis activity
  • Soilscape Solutions Phylloscape Kelp Powder – Soilscape Solutions® Soluble Kelp Powder (1-0-12) is a concentrated organic kelp derived from Ascophyllum Nodosum. This cytokinin-dominant kelp can be used as soil drench or as part of a foliar program. Soluble Kelp Powder provides over 60 assorted nutrients, including extra potassium. A highly effective natural plant fertilizer and an excellent source of food for both beneficial bacteria and fungi.
  • Soilscape Solutions Phylloscape Magnesium – Phylloscape Magnesium is the central atom comprising the chlorophyll molecule, thus playing a pivotal role in giving plants their vibrant green color. Magnesium is also involved in balancing plant cellular pH, acting as the dominant cation in the cation:anion ratio.
  • Soilscape Solutions Phylloscape Manganese – Phylloscape Manganese is a transitional metal which plays a major role in the cellular reproductive process. Working in conjunction with Magnesium in the formation of chlorophyll and lipid concentrations, Manganese is necessary for the activation of certain enzymes which lead to the biosynthesis of aromatic amino acids and plant secondary metabolic products, such as lignin and flavonoids.
  • Soilscape Solutions Phylloscape Nitrogen-Phosphorus – Phylloscape Nitrogen Phosphorus is a great option when immediately available phosphate is needed. This conventional blend is specially formulated for foliar application of plant available Phosphorus. The Nitrogen capacity of Phylloscape NPhos is derived using ammonium hydroxide. This aspect of the solution is non-systemic and non-translaminor. Nphos is also helpful to aid in micro element uptake, when soils are challenged by high pH.
  • Soilscape Solutions Phylloscape Nitrogen Powder – Phylloscape Water Soluble Nitrogen Powder is an organic fertilizer, derived from sustainably sourced non-GMO vegetable proteins with an amino acid profile specifically formulated for foliar application. Nitrogen is a fundamental component of plant enzymes and proteins. It is critical in the process of photosynthesis, plant and leaf growth, and flower production.
  • Soilscape Solutions Phylloscape Potassium – Phylloscape Potassium is essential to a vast array of plant metabolic functions, and helps plants metabolize other elements, like Phosphorus. Potassium is highly mobile in plants, and moves through individual cell structures, tissues as well as the main transport system comprised of the Xylem and Phloem.
  • Soilscape Solutions Phylloscape Zinc – Phylloscape Zinc aids in the formation of specific enzymatic functions and metabolic pathways resulting in increased tolerance to environmental stress factors, as well as peak genetic expression of cultivars. When Zinc is present in plant tissue at appropriate levels, plants are more resistant to pathogenic pressure, and have a higher resistance to sap-sucking insects.

* These products are not included in the Starter Kit and we do not currently offer them in smaller parcel sizes

How to Use Phylloscape

  • The Phylloscape program is designed to put an already established cultivation system over the top in terms of quality and yield. It is not to be used as a stand alone product.
  • All application rates in above feed chart are expressed in ml/gal.
  • It is recommended to be applied 3x per week and should be discontinued entirely 10 days prior to harvest. Spray in intervals of at least every other day.
  • Water and Phylloscape inputs used to make solution should be as close to room temperature as possible.
  • In Vegetative Stage and Weeks 1/2 of Flowering, apply generously to leaf surface.
  • In Week 3 of Flowering and beyond apply only a light mist to the leaf surface. Do not apply to the point of runoff.
  • It is best to spray in early morning light or before light. DO NOT apply in direct sunlight.
  • Mix each input separately into final solution volume. DO NOT mix then dilute with water.
  • DO NOT apply products individually from one another. He highly advise all products be used together at suggested application rates.
  • Plants must be adequately watered at time of application. DO NOT spray wilting or thirsty plants.
  • Use any mixed solution or toss it. DO NOT store in mixed solution for more than 12 hours.
  • Apply Phylloscape independently from other foliar products.

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