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Tainio® Biogenesis™ Non-Polymer

From: $88.35
Biogenesis Non-Polymer, biological plant enzymes/root dip/soil/seed transplant inoculant. Biogenesis Non-Polymer contains beneficial microorganisms and humectants (preserves moisture). Helps establish beneficial microbial populations needed for balanced soil biology to improve soil health, make essential nutrients available to plants and promote plant growth. Application Rate
  • As a soil drench apply 0.33 – 1 mL/gal or 0.3 – 0.85 g/gal
  • As a soil drench 1 lb will treat 5-10k sq/ft of canopy
  • As a clone root dip add 45 g to 1 gallon of water
Pro Tips
  • All Tainio Biologicals products should be applied with Pepzyme Clear an active enzymatic product, to aid in biological activation.
  • For a root dip create a slurry and dip entire clone root zone into the solution at time transplant into soil media.
  • Use as part of out Soil Activation Protocol to get the most out of your amendments.
  • Check out our full Building Soil Biology post for use of Tainio Biologicals products throughout the entire plant growth cycle.