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Tainio® Spectrum™

Spectrum™ is a specially formulated soil inoculant that enhances and restores beneficial soil microbe populations to augment the natural organic processes that occur in healthy soils. The beneficial soil-based microorganisms in Spectrum™ break down and release vital nutrients (such as phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium, iron, and more) stored in soil particles, making the nutrients more readily available to the plants in forms they can absorb. Application Rate
  • As a soil drench apply 0.035 – 0.1 mL/gal or 0.03 – 0.09 g/gal
  • 50g will treat 5-10k sq/ft of canopy
Pro Tips
  • An effective and simple alternative to compost teas.
  • Aids in converting organic matter into humus.
  • All Tainio Biologicals products should be applied with Pepzyme Clear an active enzymatic product, to aid in biological activation.