Superior Soil Building Inputs

We source and hand craft superior soil building inputs to build organic matter, improve your soil's health and structure. Please contact us for a full price list of our soil building inputs.

  • Alaska Peat
  • Anasazi Gold Humates 1/4"
  • Blood Meal (13-0-0)
  • Biochar
  • Compost
  • Pumice
  • Pure Worm Castings
  • Rice Hulls

Compost & Tea Grade Compost

tea grade compost

Soilscape Solutions Compost is superior compost. At Soilscape Solutions we take our compost very seriously. For years we observed the inconsistencies of other compost products on the market, specifically "green waste" compost. Eventually we found this wonderful material. Made from aged, composted, forest material this compost is not nitrified in any way. The food stocks used in the production of this product come from non-municipal, private sources and are always debris, trash free and organic.

We have found this compost to consistently have more fungal biomass and beneficial fungal diversity than other compost products. Creating a superior product in the market place. Our Tea Grade Compost contains all the same benefits of our compost as well as a hand crafted beneficial blend to provide diverse food sources and in turn a greater diversity of microorganisms.

Pure Worm Castings

worm castings

Humus Builder is a hand-selected blend of organic buckwheat, organic field peas, organic hairy vetch and organic rye. This mix produces a large amount of vegetation and is useful for returning organic matter back to the soil, thus helping to build humus in the soil. The Humus Builder Plus contains all the same hand selected varieties plus the addition of organic bell beans and a larger quantity of organic hairy vetch. This mix is will decompose rapidly and release nitrogen quickly. This can be an advantage when a rapidly growing, high nitrogen crop follows a planting of this mix. Seeding rates are dependent on many factors including season and soil.