Soilscape Solutions Amendment Mixes

We specialize in formulating balanced amendment mixes that address your soil's needs. The materials used in our amendment mixes helps to improve the physical properties of the soil; water retention, permeability, water infiltration, drainage, aeration, nutrient availability and structure. The goal is to improve the environment for the plant roots and encourage beneficial microbial populations.

Mothers Mix

Mothership Mix (3-5-1)

Soilscape Solutions Mothership Mix is our "full power" global amendment mix. This custom blend was designed and formulated through ten years of trials in organic gardens throughout the Emerald Triangle. For the past seven years this amendment formula has been the backbone of our gardens and the gardens of our friends and family. Prized not only for its excellent, specifically formulated, nutrient balance but also for the myriad of beneficial, biological inputs that bring the power of those nutrients to their full potential.

Bio Blend

Bio Blend Mix

Soilscape Solutions Bio Blend is a biologically minded mix originally designed for an indoor project that was using an inert media with little organic matter content. Our Bio Blend Mix acts as a beneficial, biological inoculum, a food resource and creates a home for microorganisms to thrive. This blend is excellent for the grower that prefers coco coir or other "soilless" media and is also great for rejuvenating heavily cultivated soils. When globally amended at transplant this mix provides the added benefits of beneficial organisms to your plants and bountiful, organic matter to your soil.

Vegetative Top Dress

Vegetative Top Dress (8-3-1)

Soilscape Solutions Vegetative Top Dress designed to be used with seedlings ranging in size form 6" seedlings to 12" full grown plants. Our Vegetative Top Dress is formulated to provide the correct balances of N-P-K-Ca-Mg, trace minerals, humic/fulvic and is loaded with beneficial biology to ensure the proper rates of solubility of each input. Our Vegetative Top Dress provides exceptional, explosive and lush green vegetative growth with a sustained release of nutrients for approximately 21 to 30 days depending on application rates.

Blood Top Dress


Soilscape Solutions Bloom Top Dress is designed to provide the correct nutritional balance at the correct times during the flowering cycle. When applied during early flowering prior to onset, our Bloom Top Dress releases water soluble nutrients that are immediately acting as an early bud set or "transitional" nutrient. After the water soluble fraction of this blend has been released the beneficial biology begin to mineralize the plant "unavailable" residues. This bio available, slower release of nutrient provides the correct amount of stimulation for productive, aromatic and wonderfully glistening flowers.