Soil Testing, Sampling & Analysis

We offer a wide variety of soil tests & assessments. From advanced agricultural nutrient analysis to full biological profiles, Soilscape Solutions has the tools necessary to fit your soil's needs and meet your objectives. Click on link above for assessment information, pricing and sampling instructions. Assessments are conducted on a case by case basis, please contact us for specific sampling questions and pricing.

Assessment information & pricing as well as sampling instructions are outlined on our sampling form. Please call us regarding compost tea and tissue sampling.

Soilscape Sampling Form

soil sampling analysis

Qualitative Direct Microscopy of Soil, Compost & Compost Tea

We offer in-house direct microscopy of soil, compost & compost tea. We observe the structure and function of the microbiology to assess the quality of the media for the specified crop. Different plant communities require different micro organisms, this assessment helps to identify if the organisms present are beneficial. Click on the link above for assessment information, pricing and sampling instructions. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule a one-on-one microscopy consultation.


Integrated Soil Fertility Management & Remediation

We offer a wide variety of remediation techniques to maintain a healthy soilscape. We promote soil fertility management from a biological perspective as it is essential in replicating the processes of nature in soil systems. A holistic approach to the biology in the soil helps to remediate the impacts of intensive management practices that cause degeneration such as soil and watershed degradation, leaching, salt build up and imbalanced nutrient cycling. Our whole-systems approach to remediation utilizes practices and techniques that help to re-build balanced and productive soilscapes. Please contact us with remediation needs or inquiries.

compost tea formulation

Compost Tea Formulation & Application

Compost tea application is one soil remediation technique that we employ. Compost tea helps to introduce the most versatile and varied microbial populations to the soil biology. Soilscape Solutions can help you design the right compost tea brewer for your needs. We also specialize in mobile compost tea applications. Please contact us for a free quote regarding mobile compost tea applications or compost tea brewer design.