Premium Biological Inputs

We stock premium biological inputs for soil inoculation and compost tea brewing application. Soil inoculation and compost tea application help to introduce the most versatile and varied microbial populations to the soil biology. Please contact us for a full price list of our biological inputs; below is a descriptions of our newest input.

  • Alaskan Humisoil
  • Anasazi Gold Humic Acid
  • Anasazi Gold Humates 50 Mesh
  • Biodynamic Barrel Compost
  • Bokashi
  • Insect Frass (2-2-2)
  • Molasses
  • Soluble Kelp
  • Tea Grade Compost
  • Triple Blend Fish Hydrolysate
  • Concentrated Soil Inoculants
  • Myco-Fusion Mycorrhizal Inoculants
  • OG Bio War Inoculants

Biodynamic Barrel Compost

Soilscape Solutions Biodynamic Barrel Compost is hand crafted with local, organic diary manure, local crushed eggshells, wild crafted horsetail and nettle, basalt rock and Biodynamic preparations 502-508. It is fermented for several months to create a homeopathic form of humus. Barrel Compost is an excellent humus source to inoculate and revitalize your soil and bring the universal life force to your compost making and compost tea brewing.