Humboldt Soil Consultants

Soilscape Solutions was co-founded in January 2012 by a team of Northern California, Humboldt County based, Certified Master Soil Consultants with a vision of helping farmers, gardeners, landscapers, open space/turf managers, land/homeowners, and composters learn the importance of working with the biology in the soil. Soilscape Solutions is committed to assisting their clients in achieving their goals and building a healthy soilscape. Our knowledgeable team has trained with top scientists and leaders in the field and are ready to assist with your soil's revitalization through innovative practices that address the whole system.

sam master soil consultant

Our Team

Samuel Deyton, co-founder and Certified Master Soil Consultant, with over 10 years experience in horticulture, arborculture, irrigation systems, soil amending and composting. Samuel is a Certified Soil Food Web Advisor and is a member of the US Composting Council. He received certification in compost operations in March, 2012. Samuel is continuously assessing and researching resourceful, effective techniques in soil remediation and is well versed in applying those techniques in the field.

Natalie Faris, co-founder and Certified Master Soil Consultant has a B.A. in Anthropology from Southern Illinois University and holds a M.A. in Environment and Community from Humboldt State University. Her research encompasses sustainable agricultural practices, local food systems, garden-based education, traditional agricultural knowledge and agroecology. Natalie has over 10 years experience working with gardeners, farmers, landscapers, teachers, community agricultural leaders and conservation organizers. In October 2012, Natalie received certification from IOIA as an Organic Crop Inspector, a vital link in the compliance and certification processes.